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PYRO Gaming’s PUBG squad heads into the final day of PUBG Online Showdown S2.

PYRO Gaming sits 12th with winnings totaling $3035. Cloud9 sits atop the overall leaderboard with $5600. They’re followed by OpTic Gaming, Wildcard Gaming, and Team Dignitas with winnings totaling $5360, $5290, and $5250 respectively. PYRO would need to kill nearly everyone, secure every first blood, and each chicken dinner to bring home the top prize.


Due to rescheduling, the Day 8 games were all played on Erangel as with Day 7, while Day 9 will culminate with Miramar. More than rescheduling and prize pool changes would affect the matches played on Day 8. For some reason unknown, PUBG Online changed the rules mid-tournament, thereby forcing teams to play unprepared into early circles and tripled loot drop odds.

By the time the plane had reached the far end of its journey, near PYRO’s usual drop location at Yasnaya Polyana, the first circle was visible. The last teams aboard the plane had knowledge they previously didn’t when jumping at this point. As a result, some teams opted to change their drop locations very last second.


The circle fell with the epicenter between west side of Military Island and Gatka. Seeing how the circle fell, OpTic changed plans and dropped on top of our PYRO boys. The fight broke out quickly with OpTic first knocking Jambawe, who was playing in place of HappyHoneyBadger post-release.

By 62 remaining, KidCody and Jambawe were dead, and by 59 remaining OpTic had knocked ChubbabubbaTV and killed LilProdigy to wipe PYRO from the map at 16th place. OpTic didn’t let their momentum dip and took out Ghost Gaming for the chicken dinner in the end.


Game 2 saw the circle’s center fall north of Military Island, and OpTic decided not to push the three-way fight again at Yasnaya Polyana. This left Transcend and our PYRO boys to do their usual Erangel looting. Though, by the time Transcend had finished looting and our PYRO squad had left behind them, OpTic again had themselves position to our flank.

At 61 remaining, ChubbabubbaTV knocked OpTic’s Hetror. With 59 players left, LilProdigy misses his shot on the flanking OpTic player, allowing him time to get Hetror back up. By 47 remaining, we decided better of the engagement and retreated out in vehicles.


With only 49 players left in the game, PYRO rotated toward the island’s west bridge. At 46 remaining, LilProdigy knocked Venerated from Team ENVY. KidCody followed up by making the god-mode bleed, knocking PAT_KAPS, while LilProdigy knocked yet another.

In the span of a heartbeat, ENVY turned the tables and knocked both LilProdigy and ChubbabubbaTV to leave 41 players alive in the game. By 37 remaining, the prolonged battle came to an end when ENVY finished off PYRO to put us out at 11th place. In the end, Tempo Storm would take the win over Ghost Gaming in Game 2.


Game 3 saw us drop the same as always, more or less, with Transcend over at Yasnaya Polyana, but with a twist. LilProdigy landed a bit further away in order to secure a vehicle from the road, and secure one he did. Turning his Mad Max to the max, LilProdigy claimed First Blood off of Mylta Padre with a vehicle double tap—a knock and a kill.

Somehow, KidCody got himself separated at Yasnaya, just a bit, and was cut off from the squad by Transcend. He made the best of a poor situation by looting quietly away from the rest of the PYRO boys. To make things more complicated, due to the early circles, Mylta Padre weren’t just fighting for vehicles near us, they’d dropped right in Yasnaya with us.


The circle fell the second time around the north of the map with PYRO tucked securely in the southeast corner. Safety of the secure edge didn’t last long, though, and Cloud9 rotated in. At 62 remaining, Cloud9 killed Jambawe and LilProdigy. The close-in, but split, pairs strategy paid off with half the PYRO squad living to see another fight.

KidCody and ChubbabubbaTV rotated to the north road, west of Severny. Team Dignitas and Mylta Padre pushed near us as well as SetToDestroyX a bit further back. By 55 players remaining, we traded shots with them from the safety of compounds across from each other.


The circle next fell just west of PYRO’s compound, between Severny and Shooting Range, forcing us into an exposed position earlier than we’d have liked. With 52 remaining, eUnited knocked KidCody and pushed into our location. At 51 remaining, eUnited killed KidCody, and by 50 remaining PYRO Gaming went out in 15th place.

Tempo Storm would go on to show who really controls the atmosphere when they defeated Cloud9 for the Game 3 win. The final day of games will take place Thursday, November 29, 2018 at 7:00PM EST. You can catch all the action at