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PYRO Gaming’s PUBG squad remains in the top 10 after PUBG Online Showdown S2 Day 6.

PYRO Gaming sits 9th with winnings totaling $2770. Wildcard Gaming sits atop the overall leaderboard with $4985. They’re followed by Team Dignitas, Cloud9, and eUnited with winnings totaling $4355, $3945, and $3760 respectively. PYRO needs two chicken dinners to crack the top 3 and four wins to take the lead from Wildcard.


All three games were played on Miramar for Day 6. As usual PYRO dropped on, and spread out away from, Cruz de Valle. The circle fell over Los Leones, so PYRO had a bit of a journey to get inside, but not as bad as the military circle games from Day 5.

At 58 remaining, Cloud9 took it hard to Ghost Gaming, eliminating them at 16th. PYRO rotated from the northeast and entered the circle just past Junkyard. The circle closed in even tighter on Los Leones. With 48 remaining, 14 teams were somehow still in the fight.


Wildcard and PYRO traded kills with ChubbaBubbaTV claiming one for PYRO. HappyHoneyBadger and KidCody died to Wildcard’s rifles in the exchange. By 33 remaining, there were still an astounding 12 teams in the fight and only LilProdigy alive for PYRO.

PYRO went out 12th with 22 players still representing the remaining 11 teams. LilProdigy traded kills, but was eliminated before his target ultimately bled out. PYRO’s losses to Wildcard proved especially costly when Wildcard lived on to eliminate Team Gates to win Game 1.


Game 2 started similarly for the PYRO boys with HappyHoneyBadger taking up residence in Cruz de Valle while the rest of the squad looted up in Torre Anumada. The circle finally did us a favor and, after a string of games spent rotating in, PYRO sat pretty, well within its blue borders.

HappyHoneyBadger took an early shot at Team Gates’ smithy87 from his position dead center in the circle. Team Dignitas had been pursuing smithy87 for some time after putting several shots into him in what seemed like a battle for a vehicle. When Dignitas heard HappyHoneyBadger’s shot, they knew they had a player out alone. The circled back and took him out for First Blood.


At 61 remaining, and without HappyHoneyBadger to hold the position and watch their entry, the PYRO boys rotated in from the north toward the center peak. Luckily, Dignitas didn’t take up residence there after killing HappyHoneyBadger. Team ENVY’s rifles had a few things to say in our direction, though.

With 52 remaining, PYRO had Wildcard to their west and Spacestation Gaming to their east and northeast. ENVY still sat south of us, having opted not to force the fight to keep our boys from ascending the high ground. The next circle favored us, but only by a slim margin as our peak on the ridgeline fell barely inside the easternmost spot.


The next kill was our as LilProdigy eliminated Maluke from Tempo Storm. In Game 2 teams proved equally hard to eliminate as in Game 1. ENVY saw to it that Cloud9 went out at 16th with only 48 players alive. At 40 players alive and with 14 teams still in it, the casters noted, “ENVY and PYRO fight for the high ground here,” despite the initial reticence.

With 34 alive, ENVY’s CAD3N eliminated ChubbaBubbaTV. At 31 alive, Venerated took out LilProdigy, leaving KidCody alone again to snake out placements. At 27 players and 11 teams remaining, RNG gave KidCody a little help, dropping a circle that forced ENVY to move while he was safe.

With 17 players and 8 teams still in it, KidCody rotated in from the east. The snaking proved fruitful, though at 11 players left, Spacestation spotted and eliminated KidCody to push PYRO out at 6th place. Spacestation would go on to win after eliminating OpTic Gaming.


Game 3 saw PYRO drop Cruz de Valle again, while the circle fell west of San Martin. The boys split up at 63 remaining, with one pair going to Torre Anumada as before. At 60 players left, PYRO’s still split up with one of the pairs in the gas outside the safe zone.

The circle centered over La Cobreria next. Mylta Padre rotated between PYRO’s two pairs and got caught in a crossfire. Our PYRO boys eliminated 2 from Mylta Padre in the exchange. As in the previous games, with 49 remaining, Transcend went out in last place.


At 47 alive and 14 teams in it, the circle fell centered on the peak west of La Cobreria. PYRO rotated in from the north onto the peak’s north side. By 39 players and 12 teams remaining, PYRO had taken the peak. LilProdigy eliminated OpTic_hypoc with 33 alive.

HappyHoneyBadger moved back down to the north side base of the mountain, and by 27 players and 10 teams alive, PYRO is controlling the entire peak and ridgeline. ChubbaBubbaTV takes one each from Mylta Padre and Tempo Storm with 23 players and 7 teams left in the fight.


At 19 players and 6 teams remaining, PYRO eliminated OpTic on the back of KidCody’s 2 eliminations. The fight took one from PYRO as well when the circle fell west of our peak position and LilProdigy couldn’t make it out of the gas in time.

HappyHoneyBadger killed one from Cloud9 at 13 players and 5 teams remaining. Unfortunately, by 10 alive only KidCody was still up for PYRO, thanks largely to Wildcard’s third-party finish of Cloud9. With only 7 players and 3 teams in it, KidCody was still alive on the west peak.


The circle fell away from KidCody’s peak, forcing him to make yet another snake move. At 6 remaining, KidCody was spotted, though he managed to eliminate one before he bit the dust. PYRO finished a solid 3rd place. Wildcard went on to defeat Dignitas for the win.

You can catch our PYRO boys playing again on Monday, November 19, 2018 at 4PM EST. Broadcast coverage will be at