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PYRO Gaming’s PUBG squad remains in the top 10 after PUBG Online Showdown S2 Day 7.

PYRO Gaming sits 10th with winnings totaling $2880. Wildcard Gaming sits atop the overall leaderboard with $5050. They’re followed by Cloud9, Team Dignitas, and OpTic Gaming with winnings totaling $4975, $4965, and $4210 respectively. PYRO needs to nearly sweep the chicken dinners to crack the top 3 or even take the lead from Wildcard.


All three games were played on Erangel for Day 7. PYRO bucked the usual drop trend for them and, when the plane path forced them to drop for vehicles, landed in Mylta Power. After getting wheels, the boys headed for Yasnaya Polyana as usual.

With all players alive, LilProdigy still needed to link up with the rest of the squad, and started taking shots, all missing, from eUnited while in route. The circle fell dead center of the map. LilProdigy and Veazyy, subbing as replacement for HappyHoneyBadger, fell off their bike and both get knocked.


ChubbabubbaTV and KidCody quickly drove over and got their squad mates back up before Transcend could see them and finish them off. At 63 players remaining, Cloud9 took First Blood off of OpTic Gaming. Circle shrank down at the same epicenter as before.

PYRO was just outside the northeast edge and we rotated in from east, to the south of Rozhok. By 58 players left, the circle fell with Pochinki in its southwest corner. With 53 players left, Tempo Storm went out in last place. At 49 players remaining with 14 teams left in the fight, PYRO was spread out on and around a peak in the east.


With 48 alive, LilProdigy knocked a player from DUEL, and by 46 remaining he’d killed another. At 42 remaining, PYRO wiped the rest of DUEL from the game. At 39 alive, Team Gates eliminated PYRO’s Veazyy. With 37 remaining, ChubbaBubbaTV knocked himself with a misplaced grenade.

By 35 players left, our knocks on Team Gates died in the gas. The Circle fell north of Pochinki. PYRO Gaming went out at 13th and Team Gates went out 12th. In the end OpTic Gaming eliminated Cloud9 for the win.

Game 2 PYRO made the same drop with Transcend, while the circle fell centered over the mountains to the south of Georgopol. At 61 remaining PYRO was still at Yasnaya Polyana, alone, and rotating around and through Shooting Range.


At 56 remaining, PYRO was west of Georgopol between DUEL and Team Dignitas. Mylta Padre rotated between us and Dignitas. DUEL rotated away as the circle fell southwest of Georgopol. At 54 remaining, LilProdigy knocked OpTic’s Hypoc. At 53, OpTic’s Bahawaka knocked LilProdigy twice in a row.

At 49 remaining, Veazyy knocked a few from OpTic gaming. With 45 remaining, OpTic finally eliminated LilProdigy. PYRO had to rotate in from the northwest when the circle fell east of the ridge to the west of Ruins. OpTic only has Bahawaka left at this point.


At 41 remaining, Veazyy took it hard to FlyQuest Gaming. At 40 remaining, eUnited’s PistolaTime killed Veazyy from atop the peak. ChubbabubbaTV got his revenge. But by 28 remaining, so many teams were still in the fight, that PYRO went out at 12th place. Team Gates went on to beat Team ENVY for the Game 2 win.

Game 3 PYRO dropped Yasnaya Polyana opposite Transcend again. The circle fell with PYRO just inside the edge. At 59 remaining Tempo Storm took First Blood from Wildcard Gaming. With 57 remaining ChubbaBubbaTV killed one from Transcend on the back of two well thrown grenades.


ChubbaBubbaTV rushed in despite the 2nd grenade toss being successful for the kill. The overextension would prove fateful when Transcend got a bit of revenge, eliminating ChubbaBubbaTV. With 56 players left, LilProdigy knocks Transcend’s trigsR, but by 51 remaining, Transcend, only down one player, eliminated PYRO at 15th place. OpTic would go on to eliminate Ghost Gaming for the win.

The next matches will take place on Monday, November 26, 2018 at 7PM EST. You can catch all the hot PYRO action with our boys #HeatingUp at