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PYRO Gaming’s own PUBG team is competing in the upcoming PUBG Online Showdown Series.

As PUBG Online heads into it’s second season and the Showdown Series starts up again, PYRO Gaming is proud to be one of sixteen organizations fielding a team in the tournament. Having racked up several top finishes in recent scrims and events, we’re confident in the team’s ability to perform in the series.


In the FirstBlood Survival Sunday series, a few weeks ago, the PYRO boys pulled down a top finish to secure an invite to the next week’s matches. In their second outing, the squad put up a solid third place result on the back of some heavy fragging and high kill counts, despite never finishing a round with a placement higher than 5th.

It’s worth noting the top finisher, team P9, only out-fragged PYRO Gaming in the final round. If not for an early exit in the first round, still with more kills than half the teams in lobby, PYRO Gaming would have easily walked away with another win. Unfortunately, the 14th place finish, out of 16 teams, in round one


The PYRO Gaming PUBG squad consists of: team manager and fragger, Connor “LilProdigy” Moran, whose insane sensitivity settings might require Dramamine for viewing; IGL, Joe “HappyHoneyBadger” Haylock; support, Cody “KidCody” Sutphin; and sniper, John “ChubbabubbaTV” Maloney.

In PUBG 2018 Season 1, HappyHoneyBadger finished with a #380 final ranking in FPP squads, according to, indicating a pedigree of domination and destruction while maintaining ultimate survivability. KidCody put up top percentile numbers for K/D while maintaining a top-10 finish rate just under 27%.

ChubbabubbaTV puts the ‘snip’ in sniper owning a lifetime K/D of nearly 4 and an FPP Solos win rate among the best in North America (NA) at 9%. One only needs to watch LilProdigy for a few minutes to understand why he dominates as a fragger—the guy’s got an insane twitch rate, allowing him to put his crosshairs atop every window in a three-story building within a matter of seconds


The PUBG Online Showdown Series begins Friday, November 2, 2018 at 8PM EST. Each day, for nine days, the teams will play a total of five games for a grand total of 45 games. As per PUBG standards, points are awarded for both finishing position and kill totals. A finish in the top five Is worth between 400 and 210 points, while a finish in the bottom five is good for, at most, 40 points while dead last gets 0.

The overall prize pool for the nine-day event is $5,000 USD, with $3,000 going to the team with the highest point total for the event, while $1,500 and $500 are awarded to the second- and third-place teams, respectively. Adding to the excitement is the kill bounty, where each kill is not only worth 16 points, but also $3, making each round’s player lobby worth $192.


Some of the biggest names in esports are among PYRO Gaming’s competitors in the event. Our boys will go up against the likes of Cloud9, OpTic Gaming, Ghost Gaming, Tempo Storm, eUnited, and Team Envy to name a few. Even Spacestation Gaming, an arm of the NBA’s Utah Jazz organization, features a team in the competition.

Of these heavyweights, there is no clear favorite, but the strongest proven squads based on prior tournament results appear to be C9, OG, and Envy. However, none of their results demonstrate enough dominance for this not to be any squad’s game. Among the squads poised to upset them, an argument could be made for PYRO Gaming as the most likely.


Make sure to watch the PYRO Gaming boys making sweet plays and fragging out by tuning in at 8PM EST this Friday the 2nd at