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PYRO Gaming’s PUBG squad heads into Day 5 of PUBG Online Showdown Season 2 looking to improve upon their 10th place overall finish after Day 4’s matches.


All three maps were played on Miramar for the Day 4 games. For the first match, PYRO Gaming’s PUBG squad dropped Pecado, where Cloud9 had set their sights as well. Cloud9 drew First Blood, for the bonus cash, when they killed KidCody after PYRO took an ill-advised early shot and gave away their position.

HappyHoneyBadger was himself trapped on an upper story balcony across the street from the Cloud9 players, Pr0phie and Nerf, who’d eliminated KidCody. Unable to move and nowhere near looted, without any armor to his credit, HappyHoneyBadger found himself in an inevitable death situation. He was only able to move a little bit to aim toward the stairs when LilProdigy and ChubbaBubbaTV, for PYRO, drove off from Pecado to a more loot-able location.


The remaining two PYRO boys rotated south of El Pozo to loot up and get situated in the game. Mylta Padre wasted Tempo Storm, who went out last place. The circle fell centered on San Martin and PYRO found themselves atop a ridge overlooking Team ENVY.

DUEL moved in just north of and past ENVY, while ENVY was split in pairs around them. Despite the advantageous situation and only 48 remaining alive, the remaining PYRO boys went out in 15th place. Team Dignitas went on to top OpTic Gaming for the win. PYRO dropped to 8th overall with $1945.


PYRO opted to drop north of Water Treatment and avoid the fight with Cloud9 for claim of Pecado in the second match. The boys split up to various areas around Water Treatment to loot up, before they got grouped up at Torre Anumada. The circle fell centered between El Pozo and Crater.

With 63 remaining, Spacestation Gaming took First Blood of OpTic. By 60 remaining, ENVY owns the highest, most coveted, spot of the available map area. PYRO rotated around from the northeast and traded shots with Wildcard Gaming. HappyHoneyBadger is away from the squad on his own at the time.


By 48 remaining players, HappyHoneyBadger linked up with the squad who continued to trade shots with Wildcard. KidCody and ChubbaBubbaTV team up to kill one from FlyQuest. At 30 remaining HappyHoneyBadger finally made the shots traded with Wildcard pay off, eliminating one of them.

With 20 players alive and 8 teams left in the fight, Dignitas eliminates eUnited while the PYRO sit inside the northeast edge of the circle which itself is east of Trailer Park. Team ENVY was near enough that at 16 players alive and 6 teams left, ChubbaBubbaTV killed one of them.

Team Gates pushed in for the third-party option and wiped everyone for PYRO but ChubbaBubbaTV, who went prone in a divot from where he knocked one of the Gates’ boys. Wildcard got revenge on PYRO, killing HappyHoneyBadger to put us out at 6th with 3 kills. Gates went on to eliminate Wildcard for the win.


Game 3 PYRO dropped Torre Anumada while the first circle fell between Chumacera and Los Leones. Wildcard took First Blood from Spacestation. With 63 remaining, LilProdigy moved west to loot while ChubbaBubbaTV and KidCody moved east to loot Campo Millar.

At 62 remaining, the circle closed in on the same epicenter. At 61 remaining, PYRO rotated around from the east toward Los Leones before moving southeast and toward the south. The circle fell atop the mountain peak southeast of Chumacera. PYRO pushed in from the east.


Team Gates went out at 16th with 55 players alive. For such a small play area, the number of teams alive would force the situation quickly. At 42 remaining, Cloud9 downed LilProdigy. By 33 players left, Cloud9 finally finished off our PYRO boys at 12th place.

After the three games on Day 4, PYRO sat in 10th place with $2035. eUnited held 1st with $3545 with Wildcard and Mylta Padre trailing behind with $2910 and $2625 respectively. Day 5 games can be seen, as always, at