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PYRO Gaming’s PUBG Squad takes the lead in PUBG Online Showdown Series S2 after Day 2.

PYRO’s PUBG boys put up enough steady placements and finishes in Day 2 of PUBG Online’s Showdown Series to edge out DUEL for the top spot overall by $5 with $1040 for PYRO and $1035 for DUEL. The steady placements in the first three games proved especially deciding as they were played on Miramar, where we went out in last place both times in Day 1.


PYRO faced their demons early as Day 2’s first three games took place on Miramar. In Game 1, PYRO dropped very spread out south of Los Leones. LilProdigy went out first in the lobby when eUnited’s PistolaTime got a gift from the RNG gods in the form of a 4x scope and a mini14 rifle.

The first circle dropped northeast of PYRO’s position, then when the second one came, it redirected south a bit again. Teams played things a lot safer than they did, on average, on Day 1, as 60 remained alive when the second circle landed. Other than PYRO only Team Gates suffered early when half their squad bit the dust.


Cloud9 went out early again, continuing their form from Day 1, with 55 alive. The PYRO boys were southeast of the third circle border when it landed, west of Hacienda, giving them a decent position to rotate from. While PYRO rotated in, OpTic Gaming took down Spacestation with 48 alive.

Wildcard moved in with the third-party strategy in effect, wiping OpTic out to push the game to 42 left alive. Unfortunately, eUnited had a similar idea, and the fight got the better of both teams. Wildcard and eUnited’s battle left both teams out of health and out of time to adjust to the encroaching gas, and both teams went out at 33 remaining.

The PYRO boys were next to go out in a low-kill, moderate 10th place finish. Team ENVY knocked and killed KidCody and HappyHoneyBadger to put an end to PYRO’s Game 1 hopes. In the end, Game 1 saw a victory for Mylta Padre, as they edged out DUEL in the final firefight.


PYRO dropped spread out again, but this time north of El Azahar. Unlike Game 1, the circle benefitted PYRO to some degree, when its northeast edge fall around El Azahar. That didn’t stop our PYRO boys from being proactive, though, and with 58 players remaining, we made the push west of Junkyard.

En route to Junkyard, at 57 remaining, LilProdigy somehow knocked HappyHoneyBadger around the same time the rest of the squad noticed OpTic’s Hetror nearing Junkyard from across the way. PYRO chose not to engage with OpTic, instead opting to push for higher placement and better positioned battles.


With 53 alive, the circle fell on Minas Generales. The PYRO boys were outside the southwest edge and pushing in when their decision not to engage OpTic outside Junkyard paid off. Team Dignitas eliminated OpTic with 42 alive.

It wouldn’t be until only 20 players remained that PYRO would have to make a rotation for circle again. That need to rotate could’ve proved troublesome when our location, and only cover, was a small divot. If anyone had noticed, it would have been Nade City: Population PYRO.

We survived that rotation and the next one when the circle fell to our north. At 10 remaining players, PYRO had half a squad remaining with LilProdigy and HappyHoneyBadger still alive. Mylta Padre took down LilProdigy with a combination of a well placed grenade and some timely blue gas as the final circle hit.

“The whole [PYRO] squad should just uninstall.” – PUBGO Casters


At 5 players and 3 teams remaining, Spacestation eliminated HappyHoneyBadger to push PYRO out in 3rd. In return, a mostly living Mylta Padre eliminated the beleaguered Spacestation to take their 2nd win of the night. PYRO remained in 4th place overall in the lobby through the first two games.

Game 3, the last played on Miramar, saw PYRO drop spread out at Campo Militar. As with Game 2, one PYRO player dropped furthest from the rest and died before reaching the rally point. This time, HappyHoneyBadger made the early exit.


The early loss of HappyHoneyBadger didn’t help matters when the first circle dropped away from the entire lobby in the extreme southwest of the map. Having to move such a distance down a player is never easy. With 60 remaining, 16 teams remained in a circle west of Chumacera.

While Cloud9 engaged Dignitas, Tempo Storm eliminated Spacestation to make its first real impact of the night. The PYRO boys moved in on the weakened Cloud 9, but again ENVY had other plans for us, and we made an early exit at 15th place and dropped to 6th place overall. eUnited would eventually eliminate OpTic to win Game 3.


Game 4 was the first of two games played on Erangel. PYRO dropped the same as they had on Day 1’s Erangel map games. While everyone else was in Yasnaya Polyana, KidCody dropped more slowly, taking his time to find a vehicle to land. Transcend repeated their Day 1 Erangel drops as well, landing next to our PYRO boys.

For the possibly the only time on Day 2, the first circle fell favorably for PYRO as it centered on Rozhok. PYRO made the rotation toward center circle. HappyHoneyBadger was now the straggler far behind still in Yasnaya Polyana. The circle stayed centered around Rozhok the next time it fell, with 33 alive, but at a smaller size which PYRO had to rotate west around to get back in.


The crate dropped right next to our position, and we made a move for it. The move proved too costly as the risk failed to pay off. Despite an attempt to retreat under fire, and with half a lobby of players eliminated, PYRO went out at 12th place in Game 4 with 28 players remaining.

Wildcard would go on to defeat OpTic for the win in Game 4. PYRO remained at 6th overall and HappyHoneyBadger climbed back into the top 10 players with the most frags at 7 total from both days.


Despite a rocky start clipped, shared, and viewed by over 40,000 people—at the time of this writing—the PYRO boys pulled off a stunning upset in Game 5. Things looked grim when we lost sub, Zeveren, early after he tried to force a motorcycle kill onto a lone enemy player.

Zeveren got punched off of and subsequently run over by his own motorcycle. The remaining PYRO boys similarly failed to run over SmeagL in a UAZ and drove off down a player. At this point the PUBGO casters suggested our entire team uninstall the game.


PYRO seemed screwed when the gas hit them across the water from a circle centered on Southern Military Base and they couldn’t find a boat. The PYRO boys made the best of it and swam, surrounded by gas, completely across the channel toward the beachhead near Novorepnoye with 48 remaining.

At 23 alive and 8 teams left, PYRO eliminated eUnited. ENVY took down Wildcard shortly after to leave 17 alive. When the circle closed in for the 2nd to last time, it seemed like PYRO had the best position within the only compound inside the circle.


With only 3 teams left, KidCody trades with woo1y, leaving only LilProdigy and HappyHoneyBadger to fight for a PYRO victory. HappyHoneyBadger knocked most of the remaining DUEL squad near the house across from the PYRO position.

LilProdigy eliminated Team Transcend leaving only the two PYRO boys and the remaining housebound DUEL player alive in the final circle. With a clutch flashbang, the PYRO boys moved in on the final DUEL player to secure the win.


With this win and the staggering amount of kills that came with it, PYRO edged their way to the top of the overall standings. Eliminating DUEL in the final fight was pinnacle in pushing them into 2nd place below us.

Day 3 promises more action from the top PUBG team in North America, right now, in PYRO Gaming. Tune in and watch the games with the PYRO crew here: