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PYRO Gaming’s PUBG team sits in the top ten leading into PUBG Online Showdown Season 2, Day 6.

The PYRO boys finished Day 5 at 10th place in the overall standings with $2410, while Team Dignitas, Wildcard Gaming, and eUnited finished 1st through 3rd with $3890, $3735, and $3680 respectively. To catch up, PYRO will have to put down a couple chicken dinners in Day 6.


All three games were played on Erangel, and as per usual both PYRO Gaming and Transcend dropped Yasnaya Polyana in Game 1. The circle centered right atop our boys, giving us a solid advantage. The PYRO squad split up a bit at this point with HappyHoneyBadger watching the north approach from a compound against the road.

Team Dignitas sat north of the circle and, when they pushed in, managed to kill HappyHoneybadger at 60 remaining. By 55 players alive, LilProdigy found himself isolated from KidCody and ChubbaBubbaTV. Having pushed the north road, Dignitas had little trouble pushing LilProdigy in his compound.

LilProdigy tried to make the escape from the upper story window only to be gunned down from across the valley approach by the Dignitas sniper-scout. By 53 remaining, ChubbaBubbaTV gets killed by Ghost Gaming, leaving only KidCody alive for PYRO Gaming.


Somehow, with 36 teams alive and 13 teams remaining, KidCody is still alive and prone, snaking his way through the placements. He rotated north of the circle while letting Dignitas pass him by from the relative safety of a bush.

At 21 alive and only 8 teams left, KidCody still snaked his way into the top ten. Mere feet away from his position against a low wall, OpTic Gaming made a push toward the center. At 16 alive and 7 teams, KidCody used the auditory cover of enemy smoke grenades to hide his movement sounds as he snaked into the circle’s safety.


With only 10 players remaining, KidCody was finally spotted and eliminated, landing PYRO Gaming a miraculous 5th place finish. In the end, Dignitas wiped Wildcard Gaming for the win in Game 1. KidCody may have been born in a ghillie suit.

Game 2 started as always at Yasnaya Polyana, but this time PYRO went out to grab vehicles before coming back and looting, because the circle fell to the extreme west of the PYRO position. Team Gates took First Blood off Ghost Gaming. At 60 alive, HappyHoneyBadger died to Transcend. By 57 remaining, so did the rest of PYRO except for ChubbaBubbaTV.


By 55 remaining, OpTic had spotted ChubbaBubbaTV and killed him to knock PYRO out at 16th place. Again Dignitas took the chicken dinner, but this time over Tempo Storm. Game 3 may have started with the same drops, but everything was different this time.

PYRO had revenge on their mind after Transcend got the better of them during their vehicle fetch and regroup in Game 2. They took First Blood off Transcend, and by 61 players left, only 1 Transcend player was standing. The circle fell far to the south between Farm and the Military Island.


At 49 remaining, PYRO is nearing the western bridge with Optic and Team Gates. In a stretch of absolute brilliance, ENVY’s PAT_KAPS solo wiped the entire FlyQuest Gaming squad. At the same time PYRO took one from Gates while OpTic knocked KidCody, though were unable to finish them.

At 37 alive, PYRO’s opted to not force the heavily occupied western bridge and pushed the eastern one with everyone still up. The circle fell south of the bridge. As we started the crossing, Tempo Storm knocked ChubbaBubbaTV. In return, PAT_KAPS, of ENVY, wiped another squad off the map, eliminating Tempo Storm.


At 28 remaining, PYRO swam across the river toward PAT_KAPS position under the bridge. The casters had their money on PAT_KAPS wiping the PYRO boys as they came out of the water just as he had with Tempo Storm.

LilProdigy had other plans and crossed the bridge on foot apart from his squadmates. As they all left the water to surely be gunned down by the waiting PAT_KAPS, LilProdigy pulled off his best 80s action movie moves, dropping from the bridge right behind him. PAT_KAPS didn’t stand a chance, and the PYRO boys made across safely.


The boys got a bit of luck when the next crate dropped right through our rotation along the northwest edge. The circle was not favorable by any means, and the PYRO boys had no choice but to throw smokes across the field for cover.

Only ChubbaBubbaTV made the crossing with fire from all sides at 15 remaining. At 14 players left, with 4 teams still in the fight Spacestation kills ChubbBubbaTV to push PYRO out at 5th place. Cloud9 took the win this time, eliminating Wildcard to get it done.

The PYRO boys will try #HeatingUp to take back their rightful place atop the standings Saturday, November 17, 2018. You can catch the action at