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PYRO’s PUBG Squad looks to improve on it’s 2nd place Day 1 finish with a strong outing in Day 2.

PUGB Online’s Showdown Series is underway after the Day 1 games on this past Friday. Our PYRO boys put down a 2nd place finish overall with $534 over DUEL’s $514 and OpTic’s $493. Team Envy managed $439, while Cloud 9 finished 10th with $280. Only Ghost Gaming topped PYRO Gaming with a money total of $689 after one day.


Of the five games played on Day 1, the first three were played on Erangel. Each time, PYRO PUBG dropped at or near Yasnaya Polyana. For game one, it was pretty much a straight drop in, contested only by the team from Transcend, and further out, OpTic Gaming.

Early on, Transcend lost 2 members to OpTic Gaming’s incursions, giving PYRO plenty of extra space to work as the circle fell to the extreme southwest of Yasnaya Polyana with 58 alive. Wildcard Gaming went out early at 48 alive as the circle fell directly onto the pier.


Spacestation wiped Cloud 9 off the map with 37 alive. Around the same time PYRO’s HoneyBadger took it hard to Mylta Padre, halving their squad size. Shortly after, eUnited took it hard to Team Envy, and Spacestation moved in to third-party them all.

The PYRO boys found a nice spot split into pairs hiding in two shacks on the beach. The circle landed favorably a couple times, but eventually luck ran out, and PYRO had to make a move.


On the back of some serious fragging by HoneyBadger, PYRO eliminated Tempo Storm with 19 alive. Spacestation’s Hwinn, again with the timely third-party tactic, put shots into KidCody to leave PYRO down one. Our boys quickly avenged KidCody by taking down Hwinn.

Hwinn’s thirst proved costly when DUEL pushed them for the wipe. DUEL continued the push straight into PYRO territory wiping everyone but HoneyBadger at 10 alive. At the same time, Ghost Gaming pushed OpTic hard for the elimination.


At 5 alive, HoneyBadger’s luck ran out at the hands of Ghost Gaming, who would go on to win Game 1. PYRO finished a strong third with a kill total high enough to push the team to 2nd place in the overall standings after one.

In Game 2, PYRO found themselves again opposing Transcend in Yasnaya Polyana, but after a little bit of a jaunt from vehicles. In fact, most teams seemed to react to the previous game’s harsh circle by securing vehicles before moving in to their real drop points.


The PYRO boys dropped pretty spread out, which almost hurt them when so many teams dropped far out to secure vehicles. At one point, Chubbabubba was the only PYRO member to still be cut off from the squad. Once he caught up, the boys made a push for mansion, where the circle would continue to bless them for several rotations.

In fact, by 50 alive, PYRO still hadn’t had to move, while Cloud 9 was eliminated by Team Gates and Wildcard Gaming was reduced to the last man standing by Tempo Storm. PYRO’s LilProdigy killed Caden to eliminate Team Envy from Game 2


With 32 alive, PYRO got the circle again, though right on the edge. Not just yet, but a move was in the works for PYRO knowing the circle would certainly not favor them another time. At 31 alive, Tempo Storm crashed the 2-story building the remaining Team Dignitas were holed up in.

By 24 alive, Tempo Storm had finished off Dignitas. At 22 alive, PYRO engaged with Tempo Storm. At 18 alive Chubbabubba killed Tempo Storm’s Zanpah. While OpTic and Transcend went at it with 15 left, Chubbabubba third-partied for a kill.

PYRO’s #HeatingUp AGAIN

KidCody killed one from OpTic Gaming while Tempo Storm got eliminated for a 6th place finish. Only Ghost Gaming, OpTic, and PYRO remained, but only our PYRO boys had a full squad. With that advantage we took it to OpTic and Ghost hard.

With a total of eight kills, PYRO Gaming finished first to take 1st place and the chicken dinner in Game 2. For the moment, PYRO Gaming was in first overall with $501 earned, topping Ghost Gaming and OpTic Gaming.


Game 3 started out a lot like game 2, only the vehicle spawns put teams a little close to each other without anyone really being ready or looted for a fight. PYRO and Team Dignitas duked it out in a little three-car demolition derby.

Despite having the extra car advantage, PYRO lost LilProdigy to the mechanical mayhem of cars and trucks clashing in battle, and traveled to Yasnaya Polyana with only three team members up. As the circle fell northwest of PYRO’s location, the odds grew against us.


With 54 alive, PYRO eliminated Tempo Storm on the back of a solid rotation and frags from Chubbabubba and HoneyBadger. Luck turned against us, though, when Team Envy showed up and eliminated everyone but KidCody.

While Mylta Padre took out OpTic Gaming and Team Gates, KidCody lurked and hid to increase the PYRO placement points any way he could manage. As the last PYRO man standing, a lot of lurking was his only hope.


KidCody managed to kill one from Team Envy before getting eliminated to secure PYRO a 10th place finish in Game 3. Team Dignitas went on to take the chicken dinner, but PYRO stayed atop the rankings at 2nd place with $514. Chubbabubba popped off and deleted heads to the tune of 3rd place in total kills among all players.


Games 4 and 5 took place on Miramar, where PYRO Gaming dropped west of Pecado each time. In game 4, PYRO looked off as they ran each other over with cars on accident. To be fair, a number of teams in the lobby were suffering the same mishap throughout the night.

Game 4 underwent a reset due to technical glitches at 37 alive. When restarted, everything went underway nearly exactly as before. Unfortunately for PYRO, the glitches seemed to persist as a team. With nearly a full lobby remaining, PYRO Gaming went out dead last at 16th place.


Game 5 was a near repeat of Game 4 and PYRO found themselves again eliminated first in 16th place. Fortunately, a lot of teams eliminated other teams favorably for PYRO and the night ended with us still holding onto 2nd place overall with $534.

Day 2 of PUBG Online Showdown Series Season 2 happens Monday, November 5, 2018 at 8PM EST. Be sure to check in and see us dominate Erangel and eat more chicken dinners. Tune in here: