PYRO Gaming is excited to announce our new logo and image rebranding!

Maybe you’ve noticed the different color palette on the website already, and even wondered where the old orange cartoony fireball logo went. We, at PYRO Gaming, strive for the best, and we know you expect the best in everything we do.


Our new logo, designed by Vortek aka Mike Janz, represents the hottest parts of the flame. You may recognize Vortek’s style from his work with Rogue and Ninja. Our old logo, so focused on red and orange, was the stuff of a young organization still crafting its spot in the esports world. The new logo comes in two packages: the mascot, Pyro, and the organization name; and just the organization logo with the fireball. Look for the logos, our little buddy Pyro, and the wicked hot fireball flying past a PYRO Gaming stream, team tournament, or social media feed now!


Need to refresh your look to match? We got merch covered, too. Snag a new jersey, among many other items, to complete your PYRO Gaming fan kit, from our partners over at Aporia Customs, here. Fans, make sure to get the best deal you can and use our discount code PyroGG at checkout to get 5% off your purchase. Don’t wait, and make sure to catch the next PYRO Gaming event in our signature blue and white hot style.