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PYRO PUBG Finishes Solid on a First Blood in PUBGONLINE Day 3

The PYRO PUBG boys had their favorite map, Erangel, for the whole night following the tournament’s rule changes to 3 games per night, one map only, along with the increases in prize pool money. As usual the PYRO squad dropped near or on Yasnaya Polyana every time.


Game 2 mirrored some of the finishes from our less favorite map, Miramar, in previous games. Instead of our typical domination or decent placement, PYRO Gaming’s PUBG team went out dead last at 16th place.

Everything started out bad when KidCody was pinned down away from the squad. At 62 remaining, OpTic Gaming took one from Team Gates while Cloud9 took one from Spacestation. After the brief exchange with Team Gates, OpTic set sights on PYRO.


OpTic pushed the compound we sat in, quickly taking out HappyHoneyBadger and KidCody. LilProdigy made OpTic pay for the kills by taking one of theirs out, too. OpTic’s Valliate responded in kind, knocking LilProdigy before killing ChubbaBubbaTV.

With a 56 people still in the game, OpTic eliminated PYRO at 16th place. eUnited would go on to best Team ENVY in the final fight for 1st place. The standings after this match found PYRO at 5th places with $1930 behind 1st place eUnited, 2nd place Wildcard Gaming, 3rd place Ghost Gaming, and 4th place Mylta Padre.


As with most matches played on Erangal, PYRO dropped in Yasnaya Polyana alongside Transcend. Making things a little more exciting, though, Team Dignitas decided to drop in as well. At 62 remaining, we took First Blood and second, for that matter, by killing one from each Transcend and Dignitas.

Completely screwing 80% of the lobby, the circle dropped square on the Sosnovka Island to the south, where nearly no teams dropped. Quickly, Dignitas and Transcend continued the battle from Yasnaya en route to the boats coast-side. At 57 remaining, Dignitas was eliminated in the gas by Transcend.


PYRO managed to find vehicles and rotated south, avoiding the swim they were forced to make in the Day 2 winning match. While rotating, OpTic had us potentially sandwiched from the front and the rear, but we managed to make it to the bridge across from Sosnovka.

At 50 remaining, only LilProdigy and ChubbaBubbaTV were alive for PYRO. At 42 alive, they crossed the bridge. Once across, ChubbaBubbaTV threw every smoke spawned on the map, practically, in order to get away from eUnited.


LilProdigy didn’t make it, but ChubbaBubbaTV snuck out and managed to stay safe in a bush in the circle’s edge until 18 alive. PYRO Gaming went out at 6th place as the gas closed in on the western edge of the island.

Can the PYRO boys snag a win on Miramar? Tune in tonight and find out at