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PYRO Gaming advanced to ESEA EU CS:GO Open Playoffs Round 4 after defeating 46th seed Solaris eSport (SLRS) 2 – 0 in a best of 3 (BO3) on August 2nd. Fans can watch map 1 here, and map 2 here


The PYRO crew took no map losses in their win against SLRS, but it still took them time to warm up. On the first map, Mirage, SLRS’ MaestroMSH carried hard with his 1.241 Frags-per-Round (FPR) and two 4Ks (Four Kill Rounds) outshining the rest of his team. By contrast, Skitzoo pulled down a grand total of 8 frags in 29 Rounds Played (RP) for SLRS.

Every player on PYRO pulled their weight, with no player under five 2Ks (Two Kill Rounds), though PGNORE set the tone with his role as Fragger at 28 frags on the map. Among the rest of the team, the range difference in frags was small with Songbird at 19, Jaylol at 22, and the other two in between.

SlaiineR put in serious accuracy work dropping a 37.3% mark in the headshot category on a total of 20 frags. Crypticly put in great work cleaning up with a map high, for either team, 8 assists. By map’s end, PYRO heated up to secure a 16 – 13 victory.


Like always, once the boys were warmed up, SLRS stood no chance on Cache for map two. The highlight from Cache may well have been PGNORE pulling off a successful 2v1. A play like that can crush an opposing team’s morale. SLRS managed to win only one round all map, and it came in the first half as Counter-Terrorist.

By the second half, PYRO could feel the defeat in their enemy. On Terrorist half, we dropped in with 13 successful bombs planted (BP), and won and lost by team wipe once each. PGNORE pulled out four 3Ks (Three Kill Rounds). PYRO’s team 78 frags to 35 deaths ratio proved SLRS never had what it took to withstand prolonged firefights and engagements.

Jaylol on facing F1Racecar in Round 4: “No it’s not intimidating at all.”


It’s worth noting, PGNORE’s top notch play could have been the result of a recent role switch. After only a short stint trying PGNORE as the in-game shot caller, where he’d execute Jaylol’s playbook in matches, Jaylol is back to shot calling.

The team felt, as the fragger, PGNORE couldn’t focus on his game and getting in the zone while trying to worry about the calls and strategies. As a result, the first two rounds PYRO got off to slow starts. The boys even gave up their only map loss against myRevenge eV Algeria (myR.DZ) in round 2.

With PGNORE able to focus on his game, we could see a lot more 3Ks and 4Ks from him like the ones he pulled off against SLRS. If the change was to credit for his performance against them on Cache, then we could see a change in the AWPS role. Remember, Jaylol stepped down from in-game shot calling to concentrate on his AWPS performance.


PYRO will face 3rd seeded F1Racecar (F1Race-) in round 4. When asked if the boys were intimidated by facing a top-3 seed, Jaylol said, “no, it’s not intimidating at all. They’re a mixed team and have ranks way below us, so individually we’re a lot better.” If you look at the records and the season finishes, you might think Jaylol is overconfident.

A thorough inspection of F1Race-‘s season record shows some glaring issues. For example, of their 7 regular season victories by 16 – 0 sweep, 6 were won by forfeit. Only the win against Pyctophobia GG (Pyct-) was legit and ended when Pyct- rage quit down 5 – 0 on map 1.

If PGNORE can get into the zone quickly, without having to make callouts, and Jaylol or the team can manage the AWPS role against Jaylol’s need to make play calls during matches, then F1Race- should pose no threat to the boys at PYRO GG.


Should PYRO pull off the upset against 3rd seed F1Race- and reach round 5, the Quarterfinals, they’ll make the cutoff for advancement into the ESEA EU Main Division for Season 29. Our boys have every confidence in their ability to make the coveted round of 8.

PYRO fans can catch all the action on the EASA website this coming Tuesday, Aug. 7th. Hopefully, PGNORE will be streaming our matches again soon, but technical difficulties as yet haven’t been resolved. Cheer along with us on Twitter with #PYROGG