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PYRO Gaming’s CS:GO team advanced to round 3 of the ESEA EU Open Playoffs after defeating myRevenge eV Algeria (myR.DZ) 2 – 1 in a best of three series.


In round 1 against Pringles Man (Pring-), PYRO GG struggled out of the gate, posting negative numbers in the first half of both maps, only to turn it around with second half sweeps, aside from one round in the back half of map 1.

Facing myR.DZ was different. After losing the opening round on Mirage, the match’s first map, PYRO GG struck back to finish the first third up 7 – 4. PYRO’s PGNORE commented that, “we didn’t get a lot of warmup games in this week,” but felt once the team settled in, everything would be easy.


Before PGNORE’s stream had to be shut off due to technical glitches, including a required game pause for him to restart his CS:GO client and dropped framerates while myR.DZ players sorted out ping issues, spectators caught a few fantastic plays. In the 8th round, the PYRO boys pulled off a sick bomb defuse on the back of a pincer movement that caught the last living myR.DZ player behind a stack of crates.

The very next round, PGNORE seemed to heat up, popping off a series of great AWPS, or Arctic Winter Police Sniper rifle, kills to secure another point for PYRO GG. In the 10th round, PGNORE wasn’t as lucky, catching a bullet early.


Death didn’t stop PGNORE from making some snap decisions and quick callouts while spectating the remaining PYRO GG players. One key callout helped his two remaining teammates adjust their poor positioning to get better vantages.

The callout proved worthwhile when the new position put incoming myR.DZ players straight in PYRO crosshairs. Another quick call to point out footfall direction of the final myR.DZ player allowed the final kill to be nothing more than a formality.

After last round’s victory over Pring-, team captain Jaylol pointed out the team’s success in game would depend greatly on PGNORE’s ability to lead PYRO in executing Jaylol’s game plan in live competition.

“We didn’t get a lot of warmup games in this week, but as we warm up, we got this.” – PGNORE


PYRO GG went on to lose Mirage 16 – 13, despite solid play early and good coordination. The loss on Mirage puts PYRO at 1 – 1 on that map for the playoffs overall. Our boys turned it around on the second map, Cache, with a dominating 16 – 6 victory, making us undefeated in that map through two playoff rounds.

The final map, Dust2, would end much like Mirage in a 16 – 13 score. Only this time, the PYRO boys proved too much for myR.DZ and took home the victory in the best of three maps contest.


Of the 32 teams remaining, only nine teams have more rounds against (RA) than PYRO GG. Our next opponent, 46th seeded Solaris eSport (SLRS), has the fewest RA in the playoffs with 0. Of course, it’s easy to pull off such a amazing two-round, four map sweeps when both SLRS victories came via forfeit—both of which are pending vetoes.

PYRO will be SLRS’ first real opponent in the tournament. If PGNORE and Jaylol have anything to say about it, the series should be an easy win. A round 3 win would put PYRO one victory away from hitting the coveted top 8 teams who will advance to ESEA Main the following season.

You can catch all the round 3 PYRO action vs. SLRS on August 2nd at